Comply and Conquer.

HACCP Compliance and Food Safety Technology for All Your Locations

Proactively Address Food Safety Issues.

Zip HACCP helps you easily create and manage checklists to effectively run business operations while ensuring high-quality food safety. Most importantly, you will protect your brand.

Customized Reporting

You can quickly and easily view performance of both your critical and non-critical tasks, and also view trends to hep create actions plans that address any task list issues.

Assign Corrective Actions

Take the preventative, proactive approach and customize corrective actions to all your food safety tasks. This ensures that the right actions are being taken when issues occur in your organization.

Temperature Probe Integration

No more writing down and signing off on paper every day- just check the temperature and it will sync the completed task in real-time.

Why Zip HACCP?

Automate repetitive tasks, develop productive employees, and have time to serve your customers.

Digital Logbook

Easily create checklists, and organize them by categories, employee types, and frequency. Everything is accessed and updated through the Zip HACCP app.

Temperature Solutions

One of the key components of HACCP is food safety. Zip HACCP uses automated temperature solutions to make sure food is safe to eat, and temperatures are always properly checked.

HACCP Compliance

Zip HACCP helps you make sure that food safety is addressed through our Food Safety and hazard control checklists, as well as mandatory corrective actions that need to be taken when issues occur.

Real-time Insights

You can instantly see reports on completed critical tasks, including corrective actions, checklist completion rates, and HACCP compliance..

Zip HACCP is Always There to Protect Your Brand

Integrated Temperature Solutions

Using innovative bluetooth technology, we’re able to sync up all of your temperature reading onto the Zip HACCP application and display information in real-time. You never have to worry about writing down temperatures again.

Food Safety Assurance

You don’t have to worry about extra setup costs or device pairing. Just capture temperatures that automatically sync with their respective food safety tasks and if the temperature is in the danger zone, you can force a mandatory corrective action.

End-to-end Task Reporting

Track your failed critical and non-critical tasks. Look at all the trends in your organization, like the most common corrective actions that occur at a site, or the most failed critical tasks. Check to see which managers or employees are not complying, and view roll-up reports based on your checklist categories. All of this can be accessed in real-time and printed at any time.

Thousands of Happy Customers and Counting

See how Zip HACCP can help you protect your brand and consistently maintain food safety and quality.

Customer Testimonials

Jon Evrard

General Manager at Fresh Griller

I was so surprised with how simple things were. I was searching for something like Zip HACCP for making sure my business was HACCP compliant. All I need to do is log on the app and all my critical tasks are displayed, and I can quickly set up corrective actions to resolve any issues.

Samantha Wallensack

Manager, The Vegan Grill

Our customer’s trust is what keeps us in business. They expect consistent food quality and that we proactively address food safety issues before they occur. Zip HACCP is the perfect solution! It keeps us haccp compliant with its integrated temperature solutions, food safety assurance, and end-to-end task reporting.

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