Why choose an Enterprise Food Safety Software?

protect your brand

Protect your Brand

Zip HACCP protects your brand and your customers by ensuring that your employees are cooking and storing your food at the correct temperatures.

food safety regulations

Comply with Food Safety Regulations

Zip HACCP allows your organization to comply with health regulations and stay on top of every critical task in your organization.

standardize operations

Standardize Your Operations

With Zip HACCP, all of your locations will operate with the set business standards across your organization.

food safety monitoring with temperature probe

Stay HACCP Compliant Across your Organization

Zip HACCP ensures that your organization is complying with health regualtions at all times. Now you never have to worry about failing an inspection, because your managers will be aware of any critical issues that arise in their location and proactively fix them. Zip HACCP’s real-time alerts enable managers to be notified whenever a corrective action, follow-up, or task has failed and makes these escalations actionable regardless if they are in the store. Corrective actions can be configured per task to make sure that the appropriate next step is taken when a task does not meet the minimum standards. Our integrated Bluetooth temperature probe ensures that each reading is recorded accurately and efficiently every-time according to the acceptable thresholds set. With all of these different types of escalations and alerts, we can promise you that your brand and your customers will always be protected.

Maintain Operating Standards at Every Location

Zip HACCP makes it easy to standardize all of your checklists and tasks throughout your locations. One of the most important factors when scaling your business is to have consistency throughout and with Zip HACCP you will never have to worry about inconsistency again. You are able to add task explanations for each task and checklist so they are completed to the same standard across your organization. Additionally, every one of your locations will escalate issues the same way. Follow-ups and corrective actions will help maintain operating standards by making sure that the proper steps are taken when a task has not met the minimum acceptable criteria. These escalations will be tracked and can be analyzed to determine the most common issues that your locations face.

Our companion application, Zip Training LMS, allows your organization to upload custom training courses, create quizzes on Food Safety, operational standards, new hire processes and more. This will help build the consistent operations throughout your organization.

maintain operating standards at every location
gain visibility to critical metrics

Gain Visibility to Critical Metrics for Organization

Zip HACCP can be accessed from any device at anytime, and this allows your management team to stay in the loop with the operations at your organization.

Every employee in your organization will have access to the most important reports and metrics for them to do their job effectively. The Zip HACCP Trend Reports are perfect for your regional managers to determine the upward and downward trends and can be proactive about issues they identify. The Checklist Detail Report is ideal for the store managers to hold their employees accountable for their responsibilies and tasks they have been assigned. For owners we have the Roll-Up Reports to see the health check of the organization as a whole. With this level of visibility and tools throughout every level of your business Zip HACCP ensures that you are scaling up and providing customers with a consistent experience at any location they visit.

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