HACCP System for Food Handlers

Stay HACCP compliant and protect your brand with ease. The Zip HACCP System for food safety helps Food Handlers improve quality and consistency with customizable food safety audit checklists, free mobile apps, and a Bluetooth temperature monitor.

Maintain food safety procedures

Create food safety checklists in minutes

If you're a Food Handler busy managing several tasks at once, maintaining safety procedures can become a struggle. One accident can cause irreparable harm to a brand. Finding the right HACCP system might be daunting but, imagine finding one easy enough to test out on your own. Zip HACCP lets you create your first checklist in minutes for free!

Keep food safety checklists up-to-date

Paper task lists for food safety are still the go to of many Food Handlers that might even include you. The process to update and keep them in compliance when FDA regulations change can lead to mistakes, and it's time to go digital. From hours to minutes updates can easily be made to any food safety checklist critical control points.

Monitor critical food temperatures remotely

Review food safety logs anywhere, anytime

With Zip HACCP, you can keep track of all your food safety checklist logs from the free mobile app. It provides you the flexibility to manage your food handling responsibilities anywhere, anytime. Check critical control points. Make sure food temperatures are within the safe zone. You'll save time and money knowing that food was cooked properly within FDA guidelines every time.

Ensure food quality and consistency

To protect your brand the quality and consistency of food are of the utmost importance for any Food Handler. With the Cooper Atkins Blue 2 Bluetooth Temperature probe you'll be able to address food safety issues immediately with warnings when food is undercooked. Now you can rest assured that your food is always HACCP compliant.

Tackle food safety issues in real-time

Take control of your business from any device

We designed Zip HACCP to be compatible with a number of devices. Your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop even many Point of Sale (POS) machines. This capability makes it such that Food Handlers such as yourself can access needed information in seconds. You'll even have the ability to check-in on any of your task lists in real-time.

Receive compliance reports and audit trails anytime

You hear a Food Safety Auditor scheduled an appointment to check-in on your food handling practices and what's your reaction? Zip HACCP makes sure this won't be one of fear. With instant access to compliance reports and food checklist audit trails, you are always prepared. Don't risk the safety of your brand, your staff or your customers. Get started today for free!

The perfect HACCP System for Food Handlers.

Free Support for Food Handlers

As easy as our food safety solution is we're always available to help you succeed. Our team is only an email or phone call away. We want to know your brand stays safe by keeping your Chop House HACCP compliant. That's why our support is always free.

Digital Logs for Food Safety

Access to reports when using paper logs is nonexistent, but with Zip HACCP critical access to food safety monitoring logs is only a touch away. Our free mobile app provides instant access to in-depth reports on critical control points surrounding FDA regulations.

Food Monitoring and Temperature Probe

Always know the status of task lists for food handling. With the Zip HACCP mobile app, you can check-in on any food safety checklist and view real-time reports to ensure compliance with FDA guidelines. HACCP compliance has never been easier.

Anytime Task List Reports

Stay accountable to food handling regulations. You can quickly update any task list to keep yourself informed and gain visibility to see who is responsible when mistakes happen.

Designed for your Food Handling

Zip HACCP provides food safety checklist templates that can be customized or created from scratch. Whether it's adding a critical control point or adjusting a task, it only takes minutes with our HACCP system.

HACCP System for Food Handlers

Our food safety monitoring with the Cooper Atkins Blu 2 food temperature probe, a wholly HACCP compliant device, keeps your food handling in compliance with HACCP rules.

Begin creating food safety checklists for HACCP compliance online. PROTECT YOUR BRAND. Try it free for 30 days.