Food Safety App for iOS & Android

The HACCP compliant food safety system.

When you SIGN UP for Zip HACCP, you and your employees will have FREE access to the full range of superb mobile features built into this app.

Employees will be able to monitor tasks that require completion, important temperature read-outs, and many more essential restaurant operations and food safety tasks.

Food Safety Made Easy

User-friendly food safety monitoring interface

The interface employed by Zip HACCP is designed to allow even the most novice of operators to navigate its many features, drastically shortening the length of the learning curve most often associated with food safety software.

Say goodbye to the learning curve

The new, user-friendly interface employed by Zip HACCP helps to ensure that the app can be picked up by anyone, regardless of their technological know-how and whether or not they’ve used a food safety system before, and they can get to using the app in no time.

Easy to navigate, easy to find

All-in-one food safety app

With Zip HACCP, users will not only be able to navigate the app with ease, but all of the vital information they’re looking for is stored in one, cohesive location.

Does what you need

One of the major benefits of Zip HACCP is the fact that it is a nearly fully comprehensive food safety software. It does everything you could need out of such a system and does so without over-complicating the process.

Go anywhere, do anything food safety app

Food safety app for all devices

HACCP was designed for use on many devices and across a number of different platforms, such that it can be picked up at any time by any staff or administration that need to access the information therein.

Remote restaurant management

With Zip HACCP, you now have the flexibility to manage all aspects of your restaurant from within the app without needing to be on site. Want to be sure someone remembered to clean the restroom? Done. Want to see if you’re running low on eggs? Totally doable. This food safety app is especially beneficial to administrators of various franchise locations who can’t be at each site every day.

Stay compliant

Compliance made easy

With so many rules and regulations surrounding food safety practices, it can be time consuming and costly to stay up to date. Let our app be your guide.

Take no risks

Never risk the safety of your staff or customers. By staying consistent with current HACCP food regulations, you ensure that your team can focus on providing an amazing customer experience.

More Great Food Safety Features

Customizable Checklists

With Zip HACCP, you can create checklists from scratch or customize existing templates to suit the needs of your business more accurately. You can also create templates, such as templates for food safety tasks, that you can edit and adjust as needed.

Reporting Done Right

Not only can you access a range of critical data about your business, but Zip HACCP is also capable of producing in-depth reports on the various trends that this data presents, which is a useful tool in future business decision-making.

Bluetooth Food Safety Monitoring

One of these major tech advances is the compatibility with Cooper-Atkins Bluetooth temperature probes. These allow for remote temperature monitoring to exist within the app, providing users with a greater degree of freedom and efficiency.

Begin creating food safety checklists for HACCP compliance online. PROTECT YOUR BRAND. Try it free for 30 days.