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How to Find the Best Food Safety Software for Your Business

how to find the best food safety software for your business
Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Consequences of Poor Food Safety Management

Improper food safety management has a wide range of consequences for the food industry business. A food safety or quality control issue anywhere within the supply chain can result in costly and even fatal consequences.

An estimated $110 billion is lost yearly in productivity and medical expenses in low to middle-income countries as a result of unsafe food consumption. Even more tragically, an estimated 33 million healthy life years are lost, many of which could have been prevented with safety management and quality management techniques.

To combat this epidemic, the Food Safety Modernization Act was created in the United States. The Food Safety Modernization Act seeks to monitor food safety throughout the global supply chain and establish safety standards for proper risk management and quality control of food products.

Quality control is an important aspect of food safety that pinpoints low quality food before it continues down the supply chain. Not only should basic safety standards be met but it is also important that consumers receive the highest quality food products possible.

If low quality food products are consistently provided to customers, they will likely stop giving you their business. The reputation of your business can be deprecated by not only safety management issues but also as a result of quality management issues.

If there is a quality issue with a food product, corrective action should be appropriately and swiftly undertaken. Remember, compliance food safety standards and quality control standards are only helpful if they are properly adhered to. Thankfully there are safety modernization opportunities available for food industry businesses ranging from real time hazard analysis to business intelligence tools.

Benefits of Food Safety Software

Food safety management software helps food industry businesses to provide the safest and highest quality food possible to their customers. There are many benefits to food safety software solutions including-

1. Compliance- A proper food safety management system should be Food Safety Modernization Act compliant. Food safety software can make sure that food safety compliance is being met and exceeded wherever possible.

By making sure that quality compliance and safety compliance are met throughout all stages of the supply chain you can rest assured knowing you are providing your customers with the best products possible. With business intelligence and safety modernization tools, software solutions can keep your business up to date on ever-changing food safety compliance rules.

2. Automation- By automating quality control and safety compliance processes, your staff will have more time available to focus on interacting directly with your customers and growing your business. With proper automation, your customer service capabilities will increase as well as your overall employee experience, with less time wasted on menial tasks.

Automation will provide real time audit management and document management that would have wasted hours of manager time otherwise. Another benefit of automation is the decrease of human error in important risk management processes.

3. Prevention- Corrective action can stop an issue before it develops into a disaster. With the ability to monitor in real time your staff can step in to assist with a critical control point and hazard analysis in addition to administering any corrective action needed.

4. Accessibility- Safety software can be accessed anywhere with internet access which is helpful for offsite management. Business owners are provided the peace of mind that they can check in on their business from a remote location.

Tips to Finding the Right Food Safety Software

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Although it requires some research to figure out which food safety management software is best for your business needs, it is well worth it for the benefits your business receives. Below are best practice tips for finding and investing in the right food safety software for your business-

1. Consider the growth potential and future goals of your business. It is better to purchase software that can accommodate a growing business rather than be stuck with a system that cannot keep up with any future business expansion.

2. Make sure that the software provider has adequate customer service and a great support team. If there is ever an issue with your software solution it is absolutely essential that there is technological support readily available to help your staff.

3. Find a software solution that is in your budget. While some companies charge a one time payment, others will charge monthly for their services.

4. Ask the software provider for customer success stories or any case studies that include their product. It is also wise to independently research customer reviews on a third party website.

Consider contacting other companies who use the safety software you are interested in to learn more about their experiences or any issues they faced. With a little bit of research, you can rest assured knowing you are purchasing the best software solution possible for your business.