Food Temperature Monitor

The HACCP compliant food temperature monitor.

When you purchase the Cooper Atkins Blu 2, you gain the ability to monitor critical food temperatures remotely.

Both administration and employees will be able to monitor temperatures remotely with this probe, increasing freedom and efficiency in the process.

Food Temperature Monitoring Made Easy

Easy integration with Zip HACCP

The Cooper Atkins Blu 2 was is designed with Zip HACCP integration in mind. As such, compatibility is not an issue, and the device syncs directly with the app.

Say goodbye to the learning curve

Because of the simple system to link the Blu 2 with Zip HACCP, there is no fumbling around attempting to get the device to pair. Plug and play at its finest.

Real-Time Updates

No more guess work

With the Cooper Atkins Blu 2 food temperature monitor, guessing the temperature of a piece of food is a thing of the past. The constant updating of the temperature read out in the app allows for a constant reminder of where the food is at in the cooking process.

Get back to work

One of the major benefits of the Cooper Atkins Blu 2’s continuous updating is the fact that now, ensuring proper, HACCP compliant cooking is a set it and forget it process.

HACCP Compliance

Always cooked

One of the most difficult tasks, especially for smaller restaurants, is nailing the way people like their steak and other proteins cooked. This fear is a thing of the past with the Cooper Atkins Blu 2 food temperature probe, as now the temperature can be read with digital accuracy, ensuring that the food was cooked properly and within FDA guidelines every time.

Always safe

With the Blu 2 food temperature monitor, food temperature is easier to manage than ever before. Now, not only can you be sure you haven’t over or undercooked someone’s steak, but you can guarantee that chicken, pork, and other meats are safe to consume before sending them out to the customer.

Stay updated from anywhere

Use any device

You no longer have to be in your kitchen to ensure safe cooking practices. With Blu 2 and Zip HACCP you can take control of your business with you, wherever you go.

Multiple locations? No problem

Monitor standards in your many locations, from one place. Centralize your food safety management with the support of a bluetooth capable temperature control system and Zip HACCP.

More Great Food Temperature Monitoring Features


The Blu 2 isn’t strictly a temperature probe. It also comes with the option for an air and surface temperature monitoring system, which is useful for both food and even things like freezer temperatures.

HACCP Compliant

Because of the Cooper Atkins Blu 2’s compatibility with Zip HACCP, it is also a wholly HACCP compliant device.

Digital Documentation

Since the Blu 2 is synced directly with Zip HACCP, it will also document temperatures within the app, eliminating the tedious task of needing to record and document these temperatures by hand.

Begin creating food safety checklists for HACCP compliance online. PROTECT YOUR BRAND. Try it free.