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protect your business

Protect Your Business

food safety

Maintain Food Safety Standards

increase accountability

Increase Accountability

standard operating procedure

Standardize Your Operations

Food Safety & Task Management Application. Reinvented.

What Our Application Can Do For You

Comply with Food Safety Standards

Zip HACCP ensures that you are cooking and storing your food at safe temperatures with the integrated Bluetooth temperature probe. Your staff will be prompted with a corrective action when the temperature is outside the set threshold, so you will know that the appropriate actions are taken to maintain food safety standards. Protect your customers and your brand!

food safety standard operations

Easy-to-use Bluetooth Probe

Zip HACCP’s temperature probe allows you and your staff to quickly and accurately take temperature readings. The Bluetooth probe automatically connects to the mobile app on any device so there is never any setup required. The Bluetooth probe automatically shares the readings to Zip HACCP so you no longer need to manually record the reading. Our probe will reduce the time it takes your employees to conduct line checks with 100% accuracy.

Increase employee accountability

Zip HACCP helps your business complete your checklists on time whether you are in the store or not. With Zip HACCP, you can assign your employees to checklists and tasks so everyone knows what they need to complete and by when. With our Checklist Detail Report, your managers are able to see all of the actions performed on a task and by which employee. This allows management to hold your staff accountable and to know which team members are meeting expectations and which are not. With the task auditing capabilities your employees will never pencil whip a checklist again!

employee accountability
enforce best practices

Enforce Best Practices

Zip HACCP helps you standardize how tasks are completed in your business. You can add task explanations so your employees will always know how to complete tasks and meet your operational standards. When a task fails, corrective actions will prompt the employee with next steps he or she should take to properly remedy the issue. Managers are automatically notified when a corrective action is selected so they can ensure the proper steps were taken. Each checklist has a set due time and with the mobile application and real-time alerts your manager is always aware of upcoming checklists as well as any overdue checklists.

In Zip Training LMS, our free training application, you can upload your training videos and quizzes so your staff has the tools and training they need to follow your best practices.

Meaningful Reporting

Zip HACCP offers several insightful reports that can be accessed from any device. Our reports range from seeing task details to the overall operating health of your organization. With the Trend Reports, you can see the most important metrics to running your business and how those metrics are trending over time. Your managers will be able to identify tasks that commonly have issues and take actions to prevent them.

trend reports

Keep Track of Your Critical Tasks

Zip HACCP helps you monitor the critical tasks at your business. Whenever a critical task has failed your managers are notified in real-time. These tasks determine the success of your business so they can be tracked separately so you know how your business is performing. Follow ups can be set on these critical tasks to escalate any issues through the correct channels.

Mobile On The Go | Easy To Use

Access from Anywhere

Zip HACCP can be accessed from any device so you can manage your business from anywhere!

With an easy-to-use interface, the Zip HACCP mobile app makes monitoring critical food safety tasks easier than ever.

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Streamline Communication

Zip HACCP allows you and your staff to communicate effectively using follow ups, comments, and corrective actions. Issues can be escalated in real-time with alerts and notifications.

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