Food Safety Management for
New York Restaurant Show

Year after year, New York Restaurant Show gathers industry leaders around the country to share expert insight and the newest tools to streamline daily operations.

With the rising importance of health and safety compliance to keep staff members and guests safe, foodservice businesses attending New York Restaurant Show could save hours of stress and significant revenue by streamlining their task management procedures.

For New York Restaurant Show attendees wondering how to prevent food poisoning. ensure consistent quality, and track HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) tasks in real-time, Zip HACCP is here to help.

How Food Safety Can Affect Profits

Instant Cost Reduction

Food safety is not only tied to an establishment's public reputation but also its financial profitability and scalability as well. By maintaining HACCP compliance and abiding by all local and federal health and safety guidelines, businesses can earn the trust of their guests and secure financial longevity.

On the other hand, poor management of hygiene and food safety can lead to the

following consequences.

Poor Brand Reputation

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First impressions always count and when guests enter an establishment to find unkept environments or unhygienic dishes, it can be incredibly difficult to change their negative perceptions of the business. These negative experiences can spread through social media, search engine rankings, or by word of mouth, which can ultimately negatively affect the volume of foot traffic.

Excessive Food Spoilage

Without proper food storage and temperature management, businesses can unintentionally spoil large volumes of key ingredients. This translates to wasted resources and capital as the establishment will have to order more supplies from vendors. In order to optimize spending and inventory management, businesses need to make food safety and HACCP guidelines a priority.

Compliance Violation

Major HACCP or health and safety violations may lead to financial consequences such as fines. However, this isn't all. When businesses are caught breaking health codes, this damages the trust between the diner and the organization. Over time, this can decrease customer loyalty as guests turn to competitors who value their health and patronage.

Inconsistent Quality Assurance

Regardless of what store location the customer visits, they should receive consistent quality of service and food. Without quality assurance management, diners won't know what to expect from the business. This lack of consistency can damage the brand's reputation and scare away even the most loyal, long-term guests.

How Can Zip HACCP Help New York Restaurant Show Attendees?

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Zip HACCP can help to prevent all of the profit-draining consequences listed above with its advanced features designed to make business owners' lives easier. Some of Zip HACCP's top features include:

Real-Time Task Management

Management can track task updates in real-time with Zip HACCP's instant alerts. Users can be notified whenever a corrective action or follow-up task is completed and alerted if a task has failed to meet the expected standards. Businesses can even configure corrective actions and personalize them to each store location and task type.

Zip HACCP can instantly sync across every device to ensure management members have full visibility of their establishments in real-time. Users can even take advantage of the cloud-based file uploader to require staff members to attach videos or photos of complex tasks for approval.

Valuable Insights

Zip HACCP gives businesses access luable food safety insight, as well as the status of various hazard control checklists. The automatic logging system keeps all records organized and standardized with no additional effort.

Additionally, the roll-up reports summarize all of the most relevant metrics regarding employee performance and upward or downward business trends so owners can be proactive. The data insight allows users to view the health of their overall organization as a whole to ensure consistent quality and employee accountability.

HACCP Compliance Tracking

We make HACCP compliance easy and equip businesses with the tools they need to ensure consistent food quality for guests. By easily staying on top of every critical health and safety task in an organization, businesses can stay compliant with any federal and local regulations.

Furthermore, establishments can standardize their operations across every site to ensure the expected standards are being met regardless of the location.

Simplified Food Safety Management

Zip HACCP's integrated Bluetooth temperature probe allows chefs to record the temperature of dishes and instantly log all readings into the system to ensure all food leaving the kitchen is safe to consume.

The temperature solution will pair instantly through Bluetooth and can be used to hold all food handlers accountable for temperature management. This can make proper food storage and client safety effortless.

For New York Restaurant Show attendees looking to simplify their food safety and HACCP task management while boosting their brand reputation, the solution is simple. Zip HACCP's advanced insights and simple user interface will save precious time, profits, and effort all at once.