Dakota Sheetz

Dakota is a Content Marketing Coordinator and SEO strategist at Altametrics. His role is to develop and implement content campaigns to provide useful and informative articles to decision-makers in the restaurant and food industry.

An Introduction to Food Safety

Food safety is a critical component in the restaurant industry, presenting an on-going compliance matter. This guide simplifies the safety requirements for restaurateurs.
an introduction to food safety

Food Trucks and Food Safety- A Look Into Mobile Hygiene

Food trucks offer a level of convenience and affordability that restaurants can't match. But with this convenience comes an increased responsibility towards food safety.
food trucks and food safety a look into mobile hygiene

Everything You Need to Know About Food Safety Standards

Do you know how to keep your restaurant and customers safe? This overview of Food Safety Standards explains the what, why, and how of restaurant food safety processes.
everything you need to know about food safety standards

What's the Beef with Meat Safety?

In an industry of ever-changing regulations, it's every restauranteur's responsibility to stay on top of the consistently adapting climate, especially when it comes to the meat they serve.
whats the beef with meat safety

Developing a Food Safety Culture for Your Business

Knowing proper food safety rules and guidelines is integral to the success of your business. A robust food safety culture will do wonders for staying compliant.

Food Safety in Your Bakery- Is Food Safer as a Baker?

Bakeries are an essential part of any community, especially close-knitted ones. But if you want life long and loyal customers, you need to ensure food safety in your bakery.
food safety in your bakery is food safer as a baker

Food Waste and All Its Problems

Food waste is an economic, social and environmental crisis that requires urgent action. Food industry professionals need to actively look at reducing food waste at all levels of the food supply chain.
food waste and all its problems

Solutions to Curb Your Food Waste

1/3rd of food produced globally is lost or wasted while 11% of humans suffer from food insecurity. Food waste solutions are our social responsibility for reducing food wastage globally.

The Effects of Food Waste in America and Around the Globe

Although globally 820 million people suffer from hunger, 1/3rd of food produced is lost or wasted, necessitating conversation about the effects of food waste
the effects of food waste in america and around the globe

The Impact That Food Waste Has on Climate Change

Food waste and climate change is an environmental crisis. Food industry professionals across the supply chain must take urgent action.
the impact that food waste has on climate change