Food Safety

Track Critical HACCP Tasks
And Stay Compliant Always.

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zip haccp software

ZIP HACCP Software

Follow standard operating procedures

Standardize all food safety checklists and tasks across business locations with Zip HACCP software. Maintain consistency in operations and food quality when scaling your business. Use digital checklists to add task explanations for better clarity. Keep all your staff members updated and monitor tasks remotely from Zip HACCP mobile app.

Improve operating standards with follow-ups and corrective actions. With Zip HACCP, you can make sure proper steps are taken when a task does not meet minimum acceptable criteria. Track escalations to determine the common issues. Rest assured food safety procedures are correctly followed and receive instant alerts for critical issues.

zip haccp probe

Zip HACCP Probe

Address food safety issues in real-time

Receive alerts and take prompt actions to ensure food safety at your restaurant with Zip HACCP software. Configure tasks easily to make sure standard procedures are always followed. Pass every inspection and stay compliant with health regulations. Our integrated Bluetooth temperature probe ensures that each reading is recorded accurately and efficiently every time according to the acceptable thresholds set.

Stay aware of critical issues and get notified whenever a corrective action, follow-up, or task has failed with Zip HACCP’s real-time alerts. With all these different types of escalations and alerts, we can promise you that your brand and your customers will always be protected.

Compatible With Any Bluetooth Food Thermometer

Zip HACCP also works with any 3rd party Bluetooth temp monitor

Control and monitor your food temperature with Zip HACCP. Our software and mobile app are fully compatible with any 3rd party Bluetooth food thermometer. Take accurate readings to ensure cooking and storing food at optimal temperatures. Maintain consistent food quality and keep your customers coming back.

Stay updated on your food temperature and prevent any food safety violations. Keep your entire team informed and increase accountability with real time sync for all devices.

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