Food Safety Management System for HACCP Compliance

Comply with HACCP rules while ensuring consistent food quality for guests.

create food safety audit checklists

Create food safety audit checklists

Follow standard operating procedures

Standard operating procedures are something critical to the success of your business. One mistake and everything you worked so hard for can come crumbling down. With Zip HACCP you'll no longer have to worry about your staff correctly following standard operating procedures. We've made it effortless to update sop task lists while keeping staff members informed.

Track your critical food safety tasks

Zip HACCP lets you track your tasks from anywhere at anytime. You can rest assured that food safety procedures are followed and get instant alerts for any critical issues that arise.

food safety monitoring

Address food safety issues in real-time

Stay updated on critical issues

Updates will instantly sync across all devices, so you always know what's going on at your restaurants. Take advantage of Zip HACCP’s cloud-based file uploader and attach photos or videos for more complex tasks, so you know employees are following standard operating procedures. Most importantly, keep a tab on your most critical tasks to make sure you’re compliant and on track for success.

Request follow up action on critical tasks

You can quickly view and follow up on checklists and request corrective actions from any of your locations, and make informed decisions based on reports and information sets provided by the Zip HACCP mobile food safety app.

critical task follow ups

Protect your brand and reputation

Make food safety a priority

With integrated temperature solutions, hazard control checklists, and mandatory corrective action checklists, employees will always know how to handle any food safety issues. You'll get real-time food safety insight with visibility to the status of hazard control checklists, so you are always safe and in control.

Hold food handlers accountable to temperature checks

Because of the simple system to link the Blu 2 Bluetooth temperature monitor with Zip HACCP, there is no fumbling around attempting to get the device to pair. It also keeps food handlers accountable for temperature checks while automatic logging keeps records organized.

Mobile HACCP food safety Apps - Easy and Free!

Make your restaurants HACCP compliant and safe for customers and employees.

Monitor food temperatures remotely

With Zip HACCP, you now have the flexibility to manage all aspects of your restaurant from within the app without needing to be on site.

Want to be sure someone remembered to clean the restroom? Done. Want to see if you’re running low on eggs? Totally doable. This food safety app is especially beneficial to administrators of various franchise locations who can’t be at each site every day.

Make sure food quality is consistent

One of the most difficult tasks, especially for smaller restaurants, is nailing the way people like their steak and other proteins cooked.

With the Blu 2 food temperature monitor, food temperature is easier to manage than ever before.

Now, not only can you be sure you haven’t over or undercooked someone’s steak, but you can guarantee that chicken, pork, and other meats are safe to consume before sending them out to the customer.

Never risk the safety of your staff or customers

With so many rules and regulations surrounding food safety practices, it can be time consuming and costly to stay up to date.

Let our HACCP food safety app be your guide.

By staying consistent with current HACCP food regulations, you ensure that your team can focus on providing an amazing customer experience.


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