Mary Kate Morrow

Mary Kate Morrow is a writer, editor, and social media professional currently employed as a Digital Content Writer at Altametrics. She previously graduated with both a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature and a Bachelors degree in Gender Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Everything You Need to Know to Avoid Food Safety Hazards

Food safety hazards ranging from biological hazards to allergenic hazards are crucial for all food industry professionals to understand.
everything you need to know to avoid food safety hazards

Tips to Preventing Food Poisoning

Understanding how to prevent food poisoning will increase food safety and decrease foodborne illness transmission.
tips to preventing food poisoning

How to Find the Best Food Safety Software for Your Business

Food safety software helps food industry businesses throughout the supply chain to provide customers with the safest and highest quality food products possible.
how to find the best food safety software for your business