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Menu Boards Can Make Your Restaurant Better

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Cynthia Vespia

By Cynthia Vespia

What Are The Best Practices for Menu Boards

Digital menu boards have become the quick and easy option for use in restaurants. Here are some best practices for designing menu boards-

1. Text Size
Big, clear text that's easy to read is the first design decision that should be made. It may seem more conducive to have smaller text to fit in more items, however that can make the menu board harder to read. Keep re-editing your menu information and adjusting your text size until you have a clear and easy to read menu that can be read from almost anywhere in your establishment.

2. Use easy to read fonts. Don't get fancy.
Choosing a fancy font might seem like a good way to establish the brand. However, if a font becomes difficult to read it defeats the purpose of using it on the menu design. The fonts most designers lean towards that are easy to read include-

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Veranda
  • Trebuchet
  • Merriweather
3. Color Scheme
The color scheme should match the brand. Having a style guide in place will help when deciding on the color choices for the menu board design. Colors that complement each other are easy on the eye and also make the menu more appealing.

4. Picture Choice
Pictures of food items can enhance salability of the product. However, images take up space where more menu items or details can be added. It's an important decision to make when planning a menu on whether to include pictures or not. Digital menus are versatile enough to allow for testing to if adding images increases sales or not. If photos are being used they should be high quality shot by a professional food photographer.

5. How often for updates?
Updating the menu board too often can be confusing for customers. Updates should only be made when there is a price change, to add a new menu item, or to test design idea. When creative ideas strike, incorporating them should be done in a limited manner so customers don't get frustrated.

  • Keep it simple by only focusing on what's important.
  • Colors and fonts should complement the brand and be easy to read
  • Text should be large
  • Motion and animation should be avoided
  • Pictures should be used sparingly
  • When in doubt, test options

The Reasons Why Menu Boards Are Preferred

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1. More Control with a Digital Menu
A digital menu board creates a better opportunity to engage a customer's attention. With realistic images and clarity it can control where the customer's sightline is focused by keeping them engaged. A digital menu also provides better control to make changes in a timely fashion.

2. Save Time Through a Digital Menu
Digital signage software has the flexibility to make changes swiftly allowing for better communication to the guests. The menu can be configured at specific times of days or times of the year for specials. Digital signage software also has the ability for multiple updates. One source can update every restaurant no matter where or how many.

3. Spend Less with a Digital Menu
Restaurants using digital menus don't worry about line item budgets the way a traditional menu would. An initial investment in digital signage opens the door to savings afterwards. Having a digital menu will cut out the middleman like printers which can save money in the long run.

4. Digital Menus Create a More Memorable Customer Experience
A digital menu board can catch the eye of the customer and potential customers. When a digital menu is outside the restaurant, it can draw in customers who otherwise would walk right by. Eye-catching graphics and colors will appeal to guests in a way chalkboards or flat menus don't.

5. Keep Your Business Open 24/7
Having digital signage outside can enhance a business presence. Rather than handing out paper menus to passersby, the digital menu can revolve through the daily specials even when the restaurant is closed. This type of marketing can increase business by enticing guests to return to the restaurant.

Conclusion to Menu Boards

  • A great menu board is important to the success of a restaurant.
  • Here are a few tips for menu design-
  1. Less is more- Reduce the information down to only what's necessary. Keeping short, concise descriptions fit better on menus.
  2. Different fonts- Make font adjustments to improve readability and offer up space.
  3. Add a display- Complete a menu with different display options.